Ukrainian author and a pro-rhino activist, Albina Hume celebrates 13th year anniversary of her life in South Africa.

by / Thursday, 17 September 2015 / Published in The Book

Today, September 17th, I have a special celebration-┬áthe anniversary of 13 years since I’ve met my best friend and beloved husband, John Hume, known as a property developer and a rhino breeder who advocates for peaceful solutions to the rhino poaching crisis by calling for legalization of trade in rhino horn, where rhino stays alive.

It’s also my 13th year anniversary since I’ve landed in South Africa, the best country in the world, where I’ve dedicated my life to help my husband to save rhinos for future generations.

For my special anniversary present I’ve received this remarkable review for #memoirMissFortune from #ReadersWritersJournal:


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