I celebrate today 25th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine. Happy Anniversary my Ukrainian friends and friends of Ukraine!!! ? Here’s some thoughts that I shared about such historical event in my memoir Miss Fortune: “Three months later, my future, as well as that of the country (USSR) was about to change. A referendum on Ukraine’s

Today, on the 4th month anniversary of my memoir’s Miss Fortune publication, I’ve received a special review from a lady, Elena Pavlova. From Russia with Love: Dear Albina, It`s 4 months passed since your book release (it was 15th of May if I am not mistaken). I am sorry for being late with the read and review

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Sunday, 28 June 2015 by

1) Classic Book Reader: Albina Hume’s Miss Fortune. My Review and Thoughts:   Truly a touching and moving, emotional story. A wonderful example of writing a memorable, memoir. This is a book that I really never wanted to put down. It left a truly lasting impression on me. I in reality, don’t read many memoirs.

  Albina Hume’s coming of age memoir, Miss Fortune, is a most impressive nonfiction account that reads so beautifully that I had to check several times to assure myself that it was indeed a memoir. Her life story is a fascinating one, and her honesty and frankness in sharing it is deeply appreciated by this