I celebrate today 25th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine. Happy Anniversary my Ukrainian friends and friends of Ukraine!!! ? Here’s some thoughts that I shared about such historical event in my memoir Miss Fortune: “Three months later, my future, as well as that of the country (USSR) was about to change. A referendum on Ukraine’s

Today, September 17th, I have a special celebration- the anniversary of 13 years since I’ve met my best friend and beloved husband, John Hume, known as a property developer and a rhino breeder who advocates for peaceful solutions to the rhino poaching crisis by calling for legalization of trade in rhino horn, where rhino stays alive.

Today, on the 4th month anniversary of my memoir’s Miss Fortune publication, I’ve received a special review from a lady, Elena Pavlova. From Russia with Love: Dear Albina, It`s 4 months passed since your book release (it was 15th of May if I am not mistaken). I am sorry for being late with the read and review

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Sunday, 28 June 2015 by

1) Classic Book Reader: Albina Hume’s Miss Fortune. My Review and Thoughts:   Truly a touching and moving, emotional story. A wonderful example of writing a memorable, memoir. This is a book that I really never wanted to put down. It left a truly lasting impression on me. I in reality, don’t read many memoirs.

  Albina Hume’s coming of age memoir, Miss Fortune, is a most impressive nonfiction account that reads so beautifully that I had to check several times to assure myself that it was indeed a memoir. Her life story is a fascinating one, and her honesty and frankness in sharing it is deeply appreciated by this