25th Anniversary of Independence for Ukraine.

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I celebrate today 25th anniversary of the independence of Ukraine. Happy Anniversary my Ukrainian friends and friends of Ukraine!!! ?
Here’s some thoughts that I shared about such historical event in my memoir Miss Fortune:
“Three months later, my future, as well as that of the country (USSR) was about to change. A referendum on Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union was scheduled for 1 December 1991. My parents had decided to vote yes. Personally, I liked the idea of separation; it meant that I would definitely be able to travel the world. As a citizen of the Soviet Union, you needed special permission to travel across Soviet borders. This wasn’t easy to get, and if you were lucky enough to get permission, your trip would be only in tourist groups under KGB agent supervision. Independence would give freedom of choice to everyone. Five days after Ukraine gained independence, I turned fourteen.”

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